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Spring Cleaning Ideas for Robson Ranch

With springtime upon us, this is a wonderful opportunity to refresh and enhance our most important investment: Our beautiful home. Here are 7 ways you can spring into action.

Brighten and Enlighten
With longer days and later sunsets, this is the perfect time of the year to let the natural sunlight inside. In addition to welcoming the sun, be sure the change darker curtains and linens for lighter colors. Browns and grays can go away. Quilts and thick blankets can retreat to the closet for the next seven months. Change out some of the reading material on tables. Grab a few new books. Recycle those magazines that have sat on your coffee table since 2017.

A Clean Start
Most of us want to avoid spring cleaning. However, getting rid of the dust and refreshing the house now makes a big difference as temperatures get warmer. Those who have fireplaces should sweep the hearth and remove the ashes. This is a great time to remove any dust that has accumulated under the refrigerator and those crumbs under the microwave. Remember to check the dryer vents, change filters where necessary, and make sure you have fresh batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Move Things Around
With all of the cleaning, you will probably move some furniture around. This is a great time to think about rearranging things. As you dust and look around the house, think about the functionality in each room. Have you used the sewing machine lately? If not, should the sewing table move into another room? The task of cleaning seems less frustrating when you can accomplish something else while doing it.

Enjoy What Nature Has to Offer
Refresh your decor with plants. Foliage serves many roles inside our home. Plants add color and beauty. Orchids on a table or herbs growing by a kitchen window enhance our living spaces. Also, indoor plants recycle the air and keep things fresh. Similar to changing the candles for new springtime scents, an infusion of plants brings pleasant scents to the house.

Remember the Bathroom
Like mudrooms in houses that have them, bathrooms get their share of use during colder months. Freshen them to remove any musty odor. Change bathmats, replace shower curtains and consider other small, cosmetic changes that make the room comfortable.

Beautify the Bedroom
Change linen colors and set aside the heavier pillows. Refresh the bedroom by opening the windows. Get that dust under the bed out of there. This is also an opportune time to rearrange items in your closet. Pack away winter clothes. Decide if some less frequently worn items can be donated or discarded. Yes, even that extra pair of shoes deserves a second look to see if it has had its last dance.

Change the Palette
Springtime is the best time to paint a room or two or consider changing the wallpaper. With windows open, the task will be much easier than during the summer or winter when you may have all of the windows closed and either the air conditioner or furnace re-circulating the paint or wallpaper glue smell around the house.

Go ahead and try these ways to refresh your homes this spring season!

What are your Springtime plans? New paint, remodel? Whatever your plans, enjoy your home!

Blog Article Source: www.beinformedinspections.com