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How to host a Trivia Game Night


10. Have questions of varying difficulty. The best rule of thumb is for every 10 questions, have 3 easy, 3 difficult and 4 somewhere in between. Too many difficult or too many easy questions will result in the players getting bored, or discouraged.

9. Have clear and concise rules! Make sure all players know all the rules before the quiz starts. Clear rules will lead to a smooth quiz.

8. Take a short break halfway through the event. Your players will thank you for it.

7. Be entertaining! Try to throw in a joke or 2 throughout the event, or have fun with some of the questions.

6. Instead of marking the scores each round (This takes time!) have the teams do their own marking by passing the answer sheets around each round. It will save a LOT of time and it’s much less frustrating for the players.

5. Update the scoring each round. Use either a paper score sheet, or even better, something that can go up on the big screen.

4. We all make mistakes. If you realize one of your answers is incorrect, admit to it and give all teams full points for that answer. Have google on standby to check while you are between questions if you have any doubt…

3. Prepare, prepare, prepare! It takes practice to make things run perfectly, but the more you are prepared, the better the experience will be for everyone.

2. When handing out answer sheets at the beginning of the quiz, be sure to provide extra scrap paper for the teams, along with a pen or pencil.

1. HAVE FUN! If you have fun, the players will have fun too and they will be more likely to come back for more!