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History of Keller, TX

One of the best-kept secrets in Tarrant County, Keller is the perfect blend of small city elements with all the comforts of the big city lifestyle. Settled in the early 1850s and connected to Fort Worth by the Texas Pacific Railroad, the city takes its namesake from John C Keller a famous Texan railroad foreman.

History of Keller, TX:

Growing from familiar wild western roots, Keller is now called home to more than 42,000 residents which makes it one of the smaller cities in the state of Texas. Originally settled as a railroad town named Athol, the settlement became the village of Keller in 1882.

Keller began to prosper almost immediately due to the rich landscape that the plentiful hunting and farming communities would be built around. The proximity to the Trinity River along with the vast fields make it a perfect candidate for cattle and farmers alike.

These goods and raw materials sparked the growth as Keller became a central hub of tradable goods. Just four years after the village of Keller came into existence, the Keller post office came into existence and has served the greater northeast corner of Tarrant County since then.

Education in the growing community began at the corner of Bear Creek Road and Elaine Street as a subscription school educating the early residents of Keller. Having moved over the years and watching the evolution of the city, today this facility is now the Keller Education Center.

One of the big reasons for the growth of Keller is it’s continued investment in education. Located in the middle of some of the major hubs of education in Texas, Keller is located nearby The University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Woman’s University and the University of North Texas.

Today Keller is growing and rapidly expanding as one of the most desired places to move, making Keller Real Estate a fast-paced segment of Tarrant County business. Ethnic diversity and backed by a rich and interesting history, there are many historic landmarks of Keller that remind folks of where they’ve come from.

Working in conjunction with the Tarrant County College District in Fort Worth, the Keller Independent School District has 41 campuses serving more than 37,500 students. Corporations and economic growth has put Keller real estate on the map as far as desirability is concerned.

Want to learn more about moving to this historic North Texas town and enjoy your taste of small-town life with all the amenities and cultural attractions with that big city feel, find out more through a listing of Keller real estate agents in your area.