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What you need to know about Homestead Exemptions

Protect your money from wire fraud when buying a home!

Refresh your Robson Ranch Living Room

December 2018 – Robson Resales Real Estate Statistics

Ended the year with more SOLD than active or pending. Looking to have your home SOLD? Contact me through phone or email. I look forward to having your home SOLD in 2019.

Happy New Year, Carolyn Thomas Realtor

How owning a home benefits you and your family!

Raise your hand if you already knew How owning a home benefits you and your family!

*Carolyn raises her hand*

Haha, but of course I already knew that. But I hope this information on homeownership and family benefits is interesting to you!

Sincerely, Carolyn Thomas Realtor

Don’t let scammers steal your downpayment!

The internet is amazingly helpful! But… unfortunately using the internet for big purchases can also leave you open to sneaky scammers.

Here are the simple steps to avoid having scammers steal your downpayment. I’ve never had any problems with scammers and that is thanks to following these directions as well as always staying alert when doing transactions.

Please contact me if you have any questions! I’m here to help.

Sincerely, Carolyn Thomas

Why an “instant offer” may not be best for you…

I hope that this information on “Why an “instant offer” may not be best for you” comes in handy! 

Of course, if you have any questions I’m here to help answer those for you. Please contact me for help with your real estate questions.

Sincerely, Carolyn Thomas

What’s Included in the Sale of a House?

Have questions? Ask me! Carolyn Thomas 940-765-4899

Robson Resales November 2018

Robson Resales October 2018 Stats