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Best Tourist Attractions in Fort Worth TX

March 2019 Robson Resales Statistics

Vacation Health PSA

Vacation Health Tips for your hiking, beach and cruise vacations.

Enjoy your travels y’all! – Carolyn Thomas, Realtor

Purse Organization Tips

Have you had this experience?

You stick your hand blindly into your bag and root around until you find that one thing you need? … but you can’t seem to find it!? So you dump your bag out just to find the one item. Then you’ve gotta throw everything back in?


Been there.

To help with this situation I found this helpful lifestyle blogger to show us a few handy handbag tips to make finding your essentials less of a hassle.

Check it out:


Show gratefulness through ecards

An ecard is a digital version of a greeting card, typically accessed by the recipient via a hyperlink in an email.

I found this site that allows you to send free ecards to show your appreciation to others through email. I wanted to share it with you guys!

From Gratefulness.org
“Expressing care and gratitude is a vital part of grateful living practice. Communicating matters. Make someone’s day. Make a connection. Make a difference. For your sake, and for the benefit of others, we hope you use these beautiful eCards often…”

You can see the site has many free options here…

I picked an ecard that I liked and tested it for you all to see…



8 Ways to Detox your Home

Dry Cleaning Know-How

If you can’t switch to a green cleaner (search “wet-cleaning method” in your area), make sure to take the bags off as soon as you get your clothes home. Then, before you stick them in a small space, like closets, let them air out in a hall or garage for a couple of days to release some of the perchloroethylene solvents.


Watch Out for Plastics

Eliminate as many plastics as you can and keep a close eye on the plastics you do bring into your home. In particular, avoid numbers 1, 3, 6 and 7. By staying away from those, you’ll greatly reduce your exposure to BPA, phthalates, and styrene.



From the Floor Up

Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter not only helps with allergens in your home, but it also aids in creating a healthier environment. The HEPA filter traps dust, bacteria, pathogens, and particles, as well as reduces the levels of many chemicals.




Bring on the Filters

Add filters that remove fluoride, chemicals and heavy metals from your drinking water and showerhead. You can install whole house filtration systems or, if you need a more budget-friendly or renter option, look into filters you install on individual sink faucets, showerheads, and bathtub faucets.



Cleaner Cleaning Products

Go green with your cleaning products. So many of our household cleaners are full of toxic chemicals and harsh additives. Make your own with everyday ingredients, like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.






So Long, Dryer Sheets

Choose wool dryer balls for a chemical-free and all-natural way to soften your laundry. Since they last up to a thousand loads, they’re eco-friendly — that’s 1,000 fewer dryer sheets in the landfills. They also reduce your drying time, which lowers your energy usage. Also, dryer sheets are full of chemicals that stay in clothes and towels.




Use Green Plants as Natural Detoxifiers

Houseplants have a natural ability to clean air, removing pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon monoxide. Breathe easier by adding plants that will improve the air quality of your home.






Seriously, Shoes Stay Out

Have everyone slip off their shoes and leave them by the door. Most dirt, pesticides and germs come in on the bottom of your shoes (eek!), so you’ll keep a lot of contaminants out of your home if your shoes never walk in. Go barefoot or have slippers handy for chilly days.

Robson Resales Statistics – February 2019

KonMari Folding

Are you hopping on the KonMari Method fan train?

If so here is a cute and simple folding tutorial to get you going.

Enjoy- Carolyn Thomas KW Realtor

How to set up a Gallery Wall

Home Energy Saving Tips