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History of Southlake, TX

When you take a look at the history of Southlake, TX you see the perfect example of the wild west and the growing expansion that followed it. The origins of this historic city reach back to the mid-1800’s when settlers headed west to try their luck for gold or start anew with a land grant from the US government.

History of Southlake, TX:

For settlers searching for game and water found plenty of it in the lush wild landscapes of northern Texas. Traveling from mostly Southern states, any settles made Southlake their home by constructing early log cabins and houses.

By 1853 the small cities in and around north Texas like Dove, White’s Chapel, and Old Union, merged together to form the city known as Southlake in 1956. Settlers and families continued to pour in from the East and the South, pushing the Indians further and further west.

The growing expansion west had more than its fair share of skirmishes, and Southlake certainly was no exception to the rule. Frequent battles and confrontations stemmed from the mounting pressures and cultural differences until President Sam Houston set boundaries using peace treaties.

Many of these treaties were signed during meeting held in modern day Southlake, giving the small town a crucial role to play during the early years of the Republic of Texas. This fact is commonly embraced by historians and authors alike, including famous author Janet Schmelzer who penned , “Where the West Begins.”

The Southlake and north Texas region truly did match the rough and tumble lifestyle of the early western settlers; “This region was indeed the untamed West,” writes Schmelzer when speaking about the uncertain nature of society in early Texas.

Today Southlake continues its legacy of growth and expansion, making Southlake real estate a very popular subject for people wanting to make a move. When you want to move to Southlake, TX, it’s never a bad idea to learn more about the history involved in the area. Southlake has several historic sites, farms, and cabins that tell tales of exploration and discovery, but also a somber note of pain and suffering as well.

One of the more famous landmarks in Southlake history is, of course, the Southlake Boulevard which connected the cities of Keller and Grapevine together. It’s been modified and changed since its original configuration, which included over 26 90 degree turns.

Southlake also shares the First Carroll School, constructed in 1919 and resulting from the merging of White’s Chapel, Dove, Sams and Old Union or Easter schools. Becoming the Carroll Common School District No. 99, the region continued to grow for years until being voted into existence as the Town of Southlake, TX in 1862.